Election Results Tables

These tables show the party winning each constituency at every General Election since 1885.  (By-elections and changes of party allegiance not at a General Election are ignored.)  Four colours are used to denote the parties and their allies, with the totals for each colour group being shown in the table:

New Election Results Tables

These now are divided into three separate sections showing, respectively, the results from 1885 - 1950, 1950 - 1983 and 1983 - date.

The following party abbreviations are used in the tables:

All       Alliance (Northern Ireland)

C         Conservative

CND   Coalition National Democratic and Labour Party

Cnst   Constitutionalist

Co C   Coalition Conservative

Co I    Coalition Independent

Co L    Coalition Liberal

CoLa  Coalition Labour

Com   Communist

Coop Co-operative

CP       Christian Pacifist

CW     Common Wealth

D La    Democratic Labour

DUP   (Ulster) Democratic Unionist Party

Grn    Green

I Lab   Independent Labour

I LCr   Independent Liberal/Crofter

I LLa   Independent Liberal/Labour

ILP      Independent Labour Party

Ind     Independent

Ind C  Independent Conservative

Ind L  Independent Liberal

IndN  Independent Irish Nationalist

IndU  Independent Unionist

I Pro   Independent Progressive

I Rep  Independent Republican

Ir LP   Irish Labour Party

I UU   Independent Ulster Unionist

L          Liberal

Lab     Labour

La U   Labour Unionist

L/Crf  Liberal/Crofter

LD       Liberal Democrat

LLab   Liberal/Labour

LU       Liberal Unionist

LUcr   Liberal Unionist/Crofter

N         Irish Nationalist

Nat     National

Nat P National Party

NInd  National Independent

NL       National Liberal

NL C   National Liberal and Conservative

N La   National Labour

NSP    National Socialist Party

PC       Plaid Cymru

PN      Parnellite Irish Nationalist

Prt U  Protestant Unionist

PUP   (Ulster) Popular Unionist Party

RepL  Republican Labour

Resp  Respect

SDL     Social Democratic and Labour Party

SDP    Social Democratic Party

SF       Sinn Fein

SNP    Scottish National Party

Spkr   Speaker

SPP    Scottish Prohibition Party

U         Unionist

UKU   United Kingdom Unionist

Uni     Unity

UU     Ulster Unionist

UUU  United Ulster Unionist

VUP   Vanguard Unionist Progressive