Constituency maps

This section contains zoomable maps showing the constituency boundaries in existence following each major boundary review.  Over time maps will be added as different parts of the country are completed.  There will be pages for each of the countries of the United Kingdom:

For each group there is a separate page for each of the main periods that had redrawn constituencies following each major boundary review. 

These maps have been created by the author of this website working backwards in time from the current boundaries.  The data for 2010 boundaries is sourced from Ordnance Survey Open Data and permission to use this is gratefully acknowledged.

Hovering over any map will reveal the constituency name (in the same format as used in the rest of this site) - this will be centred within the constituency, but clicking on the map will show the constituency name at the point clicked.

If you wish to download the data to use in your own application you may do this using the share icon towards the top left of the map.  This gives an option for data download, in a variety of formats. Using geojson, for example, should allow the data to be imported into a GIS and reformatted as required.  If you do reuse this data please ensure that you credit as the source.

Care has been taken in producing and checking these maps.  However, given the scale and nature of the project it is almost inevitable that there may be some errors. Should anything be found which doesn't look right, please let us know using the contact form, so that it may be corrected.

Since 1950 there have been many interim reviews which have redrawn constituency boundaries outside of the main periodical reviews.  Most of these changes are minor in nature, just tidying up boundaries following revisions to local authority wards. At the moment, there are not separate maps showing the effect of interim reviews and sometimes the boundaries shown are those revised by the interim review, especially if these were in force for more elections than the original.  The places where the interim review changes were substantial enough to be shown on the Constituency  Charts are indicated as notes after each Constituency Map.